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Do you ever feel that if life was just a little bit easier, it would be a hundred times better?

In this faith-filled, open-hearted memoir, author Wendy Zahorjanski proves that the opposite is true. When we go through difficult times and trials in life, hard is only half the story.

As Zahorjanski explores the journey into grief, doubt, and struggle, she admits that she was surprised to find joy, faith, and friendship on the other side.

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At Threaded Knowledge Publishing, we are dedicated to weaving together the threads of wisdom, faith, and personal growth to create a tapestry of empathy and understanding. Our mission is to publish books that inspire, challenge, and uplift readers, encouraging them to explore the profound and inspirational complexities of life and spirituality that come through struggle.

At Threaded Knowledge Publishing, we invite you to step beyond the veil of fear and embrace the rawness of life. We believe in the power of faith, the resilience of the human spirit, and the healing capacity of storytelling. Our books are an invitation to lean into life's challenges, to realize unexpected blessings and transformation.

Our Goals Are To:

Embrace Vulnerability

Reflect on Our Trials & Struggles to

Learn From Them

Explore the Dynamic Quality of

Faith in Jesus Christ

Inspire Transformation Through Empathy

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